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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Being a TEEN mom (continued)

When Haylee was 18 months old we found out we were pregnant with our second child. We were so excited and ready to expand our family. Yes I was one of the girls that is a statistic in a few ways 1) I was a teen mom so apparently you get to be judged for that 2) I was one that had another baby within 2 yrs. I had our second child one month before my 19th birthday. It was once again a beautiful little girl, we named her Jentry and she is just like me. She looks like me when I was little, she acts like me, (some days it drives me crazy).
Within this time Bowdy and I had our issues but hey who doesn't right!! but we were able to get through them. Bowdy got a new job so things were a little easier, the insurance was better (huge plus), and they pay was about the same as his other job but we did pretty good.
By the time Jentry was 8 months old we found out once again we were going to be expecting a new addition to our family we were excited once again and a little nervous, because are 2nd and 3rd child would only be 17 months difference in age and I wasn't sure I was up for that challenge, but I thought it would be fun for them cause they would be so close in age that they would hopefully be good friends(I hope that all my kids will be), but being so close they could share clothes, shoes, ect and go to school together for the most part. Little did we know what we were going to have to do with this little one.
August of 2008 we had MaKenna, yes another little girl!! she is a little red-headed spit fire. While we were in the hospital it was a little crazy we had a lot if visitors that came to see her, so she stayed wrapped in a blanket for the most part, and we got to go home the next morning(I hate hospitals). Two days after we were home my sister in-law had asked me if I had noticed her right leg, well of course I had when we were getting her dressed to go home from the hospital. She said "Ash is that normal for her leg to be like that", I told here that I didn't think so and that I would get her looked at by our pediatrician (that I love, he is amazing). At her 2 week apt he had asked when he came in at the very first if I had any questions about anything and I showed him her leg and his jaw about dropped to the ground. We did her check up and then he sent us down to do x-rays this is what we seen when they came back!!
He told us to make an apt. up at Primary Children's and see what they could do for her. Well I called and how else do you explain this other then she has a fairly sever bow in her leg. Well that's what I told them and they said "Well they normally grow out of a bowed leg" I tried to explain but they wouldn't give me an apt. I had to have our pediatrician call and make the apt. for me. I was a pretty frustrated with that whole experience.
By the time she was 6 weeks old we had gone up and found out that she has what is called  
Pseudarthrosis. Her doctor that we saw up there said her best chance of anything would be to let her go as long as she could with it they way that is was, because he would like her to be closer if not older than 1 before we had to do any surgery. We had to schulde another apt for a couple months out to see how she was doing and we were on our way. Within the next couple weeks we ended up moving to Pleasant Grove, which I hated to move back to where I grew up, but we had know where else to go so we did, it was closer to Bowdy's work so we saved some gas money but that was I think the only good part about it.
Through out the course of the next 9 or 10 months she learned to do things differently, she never crawled, she scooted on her but, and she never walked. She was always happy and was such a good baby. At 9 months we found out that she had broken both of the bones and that she would have to have surgery. He went over what surgery he thinks would be right, that was to put a rod down her leg and hope that the bone would heal over it with time. Then he went on and told us what else our choices are if this one didn't work we had choice 1) Do another surgery that would take a synthetic hormone and inject it into her bone and see if that would help it grow. But the side effects for girls is that it had a slim chance of her possible not being able to have kids when she was older 2) Amputate.
Well we did the first surgery and she was a trooper she was in a "full body cast" for 6 weeks
it was hard she was still in diapers and this cast made everything much harder! after 6 weeks she was in a full leg cast for 12 weeks and by that time they had hoped to see some improvement of her bone healing.
We were able to move out of my dads house into our own, and that was heaven sent because my relationship was not so good with my dad. I didn't agree with some of the things he was choosing in his life nor do I still agree but hey it's not my place to decide.
After we got moved in to our new house in Payson, we found out that we were expecting our 4th baby, and this time we were praying that it wasn't another little girl the 3 I had was enough. We also were able to get MaKenna into Kids Who Count and they were amazing. She had therapy I think every other week and we just loved our Therapist she was awesome. We tried to get MaKenna to put weight on her leg but she never would, she would just cry, so her therapist decided that maybe we should try pool therapy and see if she would do good with that. Well to no avail it didn't help either. It had been almost a year and she had no bone progress and so we had to look at our other options that was laid out in front of us. Well way back at the beginning of our journey with her when we were given the different ones I had already made up my mind if this one didn't work. I knew I wasn't going to be responsible for her maybe never having any children of her own so our only other choice was to amputate. Bowdy was not on board with me at first but soon came to realize that he didn't want to be the one responsible for that decision either. So are only choice was to amputate.
We told our families what we had decided and not everyone thought it was best and questioned weather it was right (i.e my dad) but what did anyone know when it comes to what my child needed best then me.  
November 2010 MaKenna had a symes amputation done and that was the BEST decision we ever made.

She got her first prosthetic in January when I brought her home she stood up all by herself for the first time, remind you she was over 2 yrs old and never stood or walked. I was so happy not only is she standing up but we had also just had our little BOY 1 week prior to this event.
We continued her physical therapy and she was finally learning how to walk, and doing so good.
We know go about every 3-6 months for new prothetics and she gets to pick out what she wants on them. This is her newest one.

Well that is all the time I have to blog today so MORE to come soon......

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